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HC coconut oil beard balm

HC coconut oil beard balm

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HC  essential oil beard balm 

A beard care cream moisturizes your facial hair, provides a styling hold, and gives your beard a healthy appearance. Easy to use and will be sealed in wet conditions. Our Male Beard Care Lip Balm is a hand-crafted 100% natural organic ingredient that provides proper care for beards, grooming, formula containing Grape Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Prunus Dulcus, Cedar Leaf Oil, Vitamin E to moisturize and promote your facial hair thicker, hair grows faster. It also contains sweet orange oil for delicious after spread Beeswax Style. Our beard scented balsam combines a high concentration of beeswax to seal in moisture while providing styling to make you favourite style whenever you want.




You can clam Control and condition your beard by scraping off the desired amount of balm with the bark of your fingernail. Warm up by rubbing it together with your fingers apply to your beard. For best results apply to your beard when wet.

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